What guitar chords should I learn first?

Whenever you think that you want to learn guitar suddenly that time a lots of things come into your mind that from Where do you start ? What guitar chords should I learn first? strumming songs is the first thing where i work on or should i play tabs first? so in this blog you will get that What guitar chords should you learn first?


So Guys with these three chords ( Em, C and G ) alone you can play an endless amount of songs these 3 chords will help you out to start learning .


1. Em – Em is the first chord you should learn on guitar. how to play this commonly used chord given chart below.

Em guitar chords


2. C – Now the next chord comes which you should learn is C, or C major. in this chord, you have to play only strum the top five, highest-sounding strings.


C guitar chord


3. G – After Played these two basic chords many times. Once you’ve mastered in these chords progression, you’re ready to add in the G chord. For the G chord, there are two fingerings shown below.


G guitar chord


Every Beginner has a dream to learn Guitar as well as know about the guitar and guitar’s feature, how to play guitar, from where to buy the guitar, difference between acoustic guitar and electric guitar, which is the best guitar for them and give you also lyrics of Bollywood and Hollywood’s songs  so Guitarchords.in is the right platform to learn and know about these all things on this single website. Thank You Guys If You Like This Content Please Share With Your Friends.


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