Guitar Specification

“Guitar Specification”- Guitar is a popular musical instrument in which the sound is produced by the playing of strings (which are usually six.. e, B, G, D, A, E). It makes light wood and its lower and upper part is flat. Like all other stringed instruments, guitar pick (Guitar Pick or Plectrum) is also used to play the guitar, which is called Mizraab in [Persian].

Guitar Strings –  There are 6 Type of String ( From Thickest(E) to Thinnest(e)

History Of Guitar


Its oldest form is Spanish. Earlier there were six pairs of wire but now there are only six wires. From Spain, in the seventeenth century, it spread throughout Europe and began to be used with folklore. English guitar emerged in the eighteenth century. Its lower part is like pear-shaped and has six to fourteen strings called cisterns. The third form of this is the Hawaiian guitar used today with American popular songs now The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, used in all types of music from western music.After the invention of the guitar, many changes came in its form. Initially, the guitar was played by tying a few strings to a normal wooden piece, but over time it began to change and the wooden piece was reduced to a smaller size. Then several strings were threaded into it, causing more than one tune to be emitted in the guitar. As the guitar began to tune more, its usefulness in music began to increase.


Many types of guitars were invented at the same time.


1. Acoustic Guitar
2. Electric Guitar 

Acoustic guitar 

1. Acoustic guitar – (Guitar Specification) Acoustic guitars include all the guitars that were made by hand. One thing that was special among the acoustic guitars was that the composer played the string according to his choice by putting the string in the guitar. Although the acoustic guitar sound was a bit slow, the acoustic guitars in the music added a new life to the music.
acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar Image

When the acoustic guitar tunes were played along with the songs, its sound mesmerized people. It is said that until the invention of the mic, acoustic guitar sounds could reach only a limited number of people. Due to this reason, during an event on stage, the sound of the acoustic guitar could not reach the people sitting far away.

The effect of this was that after some time people stopped going to the guitar playing event due to lack of voice. After this, the guitar began to be revamped.2.Electric guitar – Since 1936, electric guitars have been used with folklore. with this folklore, we can draw tone as high as possible through the power amplifier. An electric guitar can also be called a bass guitar.

Electric Guitar?


2.The electric guitar ( Electric guitar can also be called a base guitar.) – Acoustic guitars were being liked among people only for a period of time. It is not that its popularity had declined. Rather, due to its sound not going far, it was not able to leave its full mark among the people.
electric guitar

Electric Guitar Image

However, after Mike’s disobedience, his lost identity began to return. When the guitarist played the guitar, he would place the mic close to the guitar. With this, its voice would go to the people sitting behind. However, after that, in the era of modernity, the trend of people started moving towards pop singing. After listening to the guitar in Shastri music, people started listening to the guitar in pop singing. In this way, the entire definition of music changed after the electric guitar.

The most important thing about the electric guitar was that it could find many tunes at the same time. Along with this, the guitar used nylon strings, which made the sound of its tunes much louder than the acoustic guitars.

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