Bezubaan Kab Se Lyrics Street Dancer 3D


Bezubaan Kab Se Lyrics Street Dancer 3D . This is the latest song from the Bollywood movie” Bezubaan Kab Se ” is sung by Siddharth Basrur, Jubin Nautiyal, Sachin-Jigarand the music is by Sachin-Jigar.


Samjh Na Mujhe…x(3)
Hat Ja Re

Smbhal Ke Jara…x(3)
Rhana Re

Sene Main Hai Dariya
Hai Koi Na Mosariya
Kah Dunga Jo Nhi Rha Qubul

Bezubaan Kab Se Main Rha
Begunha Seta Main Rha
Bezubaan Kab Se Main Rha
Begunha Seta Main Rha

Junu Mera
Ek Dariyan
Yha Roke Kisi Ke Rukna Nhi
Tufan Ke Aage Jukna Nhi
Jeet Ke Tufa Ke Par
Le Jayega


Nachna Meri Jubani Hai
Nachna Dana Pani Hai
Nachna Nasha Hai Tufani
Nachna Raja Hu Meri Rani Hai
Nachna Mera Samaan Hai
Nachna Ter Se Chhuta Kaman Hai
Nachna Mera Dharam Aur Eman Hai
Nachna Ek Hi Mera Bhgvan Hai
Bhgvan Hai Nachna

Batle Batle
Kat Jayenge Par Ham Ab Jhukne Vale Nhi
Dekhle Dekhle
Ab Hum Rukne Vale Nhi
Teri Bato Se To Hum Batne Vale Nhi

Sene Main Hai Dariya
Na Koi Ambar Sariya
Kh Dunga Jo Kbhi Nhi Kha

Bezubaan Kab Se Main Rha
Begunha Seta Main Rha…x(2)


Bezubaan Kab Se Street Dancer 3D In Cinemas Now Promo | Varun Shraddha Sachin-Jigar Jubin Siddharth

Song Details

Song: Bezubaan Kab Se
Movie: Street Dancer 3D
Singers: Siddharth Basrur, Jubin Nautiyal, Sachin-Jigar
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Jigar Saraiya
Arrangements & Programming: Sachin-Jigar
Music Label: T-Series

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